The need for the curriculum

Intended users of the curriculum

The 21C-SDG Curriculum is a digital compendium of educational resources, resulting from the cooperation between different institutions and agents around Europe, looking for support and inspire educators in their practices and activities. It provides tools and practical examples that offer insights into how to develop young people’s knowledge, skills, and attitudes to deal with the 21st-century challenges and to fully participate in their society within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Given the scope of the 21C-SDG project, the intended users are teachers of pupils aged 10-15 years, who are interested in improving their knowledge and capabilities in the design and implementation of educational experiences that combine 21st-century skills and Sustainable Development Goals. It could be also useful for youth workers, social workers, and non-formal educators who are operating within this framework. The 21C-SDG Curriculum has wide applicability, can be adapted, and applied to different educational contexts, age groups, topics, and goals.

The curriculum can be accesed in two ways:

The print version that you can find here:

Print version

And the Online version that you can find here:

Online Version


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